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Pashmina shawl greyish beige

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Product Description:
Delightfully soft, comfortable and incredibly lightweight shawl in finest cashmere wool (the undercoat wool from chin and chest) from pashmina goat who live at high altitude (4000m) in Kashmir, Nepal and Mongolia. It is hand-woven in jacquard loom. Equally lovely to wear on cold winter days as cool summer evenings.

Product information:
Material: 100% cashmere of the finest quality from the pashmina goat. This quality is in Kashmir called Pashm (pashmina).
Size: 200 x 72cm.

Care instructions:
Wash by hand in maximum lukewarm water.
Use only mild detergents aimed for wool and silk.
DO NOT use fabric softener.
DO NOT tumble dry.
Dry lying on flat surface.

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