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Peace silk jersey 250g

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Our organic eri (peace) silk jersey is made in Sweden, it is not dyed and it is the most comfortable material you can have closest to your skin. It is heavier than most silk jerseys and it breathes extremely well, which means the fabric will actually help you to keep an even body temperature, It can take up 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or moist. These traits make the fabric especially suitable for sports clothing, baby clothing and blankets.

The price is per meter.

A bonus is the fabrics slow uptake of body odors, which in turn means you can use clothes made of eri silk jersey several times before you need to wash them due to bad odor.

Material: 100% organic eri (peace) silk
Width: 120-130 cm
Quality: 250g
Made in Sweden
Country of origin of yarn: India

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